IvoryPro is the smile solution you've been looking for! This comprehensive teeth-whitening system provides you with whiter teeth in days - not weeks. In fact, you can see dramatic results in fewer than five days when you use this professional-quality teeth-whitening system as directed.

Easy Three-Step Teeth-Whitening System

After forming your Sure-Fit mouth trays (a quick and simple one-time process), your whiter, brighter smile is only three easy steps away.

Step One: Ready?

Lightly brush teeth and then rinse your mouth thoroughly with water. This step helps prepare your teeth for optimal exposure to IvoryPro's effective teeth-whitening ingredients.

Step Two: Aim

Squeeze a small amount of IvoryPro's minty whitening gel along the lower-front portion of each Sure-Fit mouth tray. (Avoid over-filling your trays with gel, as it only takes a small amount to deliver maximum teeth-whitening power.)

Step Three: Whiten!

Carefully place your gel-filled trays over upper and lower teeth, biting down gently as you close your mouth. After 30 - 60 minutes, remove trays and thoroughly brush or rinse any remaining gel from your teeth, gums and mouth. Do not swallow the gel or wear trays while sleeping.

Clean your trays with a toothbrush and cool water after each use, allowing them to dry between applications.

Effective Teeth-Whitening Ingredients

Scientists overwhelmingly recommend carbamide peroxide for effective teeth whitening, the same ingredient found in the IvoryPro system. Clinical studies show that with the right percentage of carbamide peroxide, dramatic teeth-whitening results can be seen in fewer than five days when the system is used as directed.

IvoryPro's proven whitening formula offers significant advantages over its competition:

IvoryPro is committed to delivering the best results possible to its customers, that's why the product uses only the most effective teeth-whitening ingredients available.

Professional-Strength Teeth Whitener

Not only does IvoryPro use the most effective teeth-whitening ingredients, but the system also offers the same powerful strength of whiting agent that's found in many professional settings. So why choose IvoryPro instead? Because you can get the same dramatic results for a much, much lower cost!

Why spend hundreds of dollars and hours in a dental office when you can get exactly what you're looking for less and do it in the comfort of your own home?

Teeth Whitening: What are your options?

To make the best decision, it's important to understand all your options when it comes to whitening your teeth. Teeth whiteners can be broken down into four general categories: over-the-counter, professional, at-home and natural teeth whiteners.

As you browse through our Products section and consider different treatments, ask yourself these helpful questions:

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whiteners

The most attractive advantage of using an over-the-counter teeth whitener is the convenience factor: they're quick and they're easy. But like most things in life, the easy solution is rarely the best. In order to be available at your local retail store, these whiteners must use a much lower percentage of whitening agents than those found in a professional setting. While your teeth may appear whiter after using them, you won't get the same quality results you can expect from other teeth whiteners.

Strips and Paint-On Whiteners

Whitening strips and paint-on solutions found in retail stores whiten teeth with a mild bleaching ingredient - usually hydrogen peroxide and/or glycerin. Though some people have seen results with these products, it's important to remember that a lower concentration of whitening ingredients yields less dramatic whitening results.

Toothpaste Whiteners

Whitening toothpastes whiten teeth by "polishing away" stains. Consumers should be cautious when using these products, as many are quite abrasive; tooth or gum damage can result from improper or over use. Results vary from toothpaste whiteners, and many people don't notice any difference in the color of their smiles after using them.

Mouthwash Whiteners

Whitening mouthwashes are relatively new to the market and therefore little consumer feedback is available concerning their effectiveness in the actual whitening of teeth. The way these mouthwashes work vary depending on the brand; some of them breakdown plaque before brushing while others temporarily coat your teeth with mild bleaching ingredients.

Clean your trays with a toothbrush and cool water after each use, allowing them to dry between applications.

Professional Teeth Whiteners

Professional teeth whitening treatments are almost always more effective than over-the-counter and natural whitening treatments. The downside? They can be quite costly and time consuming.

Laser Whitening

Laser whitening requires the use of a special light that activates whitening gel on the teeth. Results from laser whitening are oftentimes immediate, and the patient is usually sent home with a mouth tray that holds a strong bleaching gel for follow-up in-home treatments. The process of laser whitening takes about one hour, and if teeth are badly stained, a repeat treatment will be required for optimal whitening results. Whitening strips and paint-on solutions found in retail stores whiten teeth with a mild bleaching ingredient - usually hydrogen peroxide and/or glycerin. Though some people have seen results with these products, it's important to remember that a lower concentration of whitening ingredients yields less dramatic whitening results.


"Chairside bleaching" involves a two-part process: the first part takes place in a dental office and the second part takes place at home. After a few visits to a dental office for the application of a potent bleaching gel (approximately 45 minutes per visit), the patient is sent home with a mouth tray that holds a less-potent bleaching gel for in-home applications. Though the in-home gel is not as strong as what the dental professional uses, it is still much stronger than over-the-counter whiteners. Though professional bleaching is quite effective, it is also costly.


Veneers don't actually make your teeth whiter. Rather, veneers simply cover up your real teeth with whiter, more evenly shaped synthetic teeth. Other than being costly, consumers should be advised that the process of getting veneers will permanently destroy your natural teeth; it requires not only the removal of your enamel, but also the filing down of each tooth to a pencil-looking structure. Many people report high levels of pain and/or discomfort through this process. If a patient is unhappy with the results, corrective treatments are limited and costly; the patient can never go back to his or her original smile.

At-Home Teeth Whiteners

The advantage of an at-home teeth-whitening system is that you can get rid of embarrassing teeth stains in the comfort and privacy of your own home - and on your own time. While some at-home whitening kits only contain the same strength of whitening agents as over-the-counter whiteners, others boast the same whitening strength as professional in-office treatments. At-home teeth-whitening systems are the best of both worlds: they are as convenient as over-the-counter whiteners, but also as effective as professional teeth whitening.


IvoryPro is a 3-step system that's quick and easy to use. The process includes using a minty professional-strength whitening gel (22% carbamide peroxide) and two custom-fit mouth trays. These trays not only protect your soft oral tissues, but they ensure complete coverage of all surface areas to yield a brighter, more even whitening. With IvoryPro, you can expect the same dramatic results as you would from a professional treatment, but for a much, much lower price.

Natural Teeth Whiteners

For many, the idea of whitening teeth naturally is attractive. The problem with this method, however, is that finding just the right mixture of ingredients and then balancing them for optimal effectiveness is tricky. And even if you get the mixture right, results are oftentimes minimal. This option is fine for people who just want to add a little sparkle to their already white smile. If you're looking for a noticeably whiter smile though, natural whiteners are probably not the right option for you.

Home Remedies

Anyone who searches online can find various sites touting the whitening abilities of bamboo, strawberry pulp, lemons, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and more - all items that can be bought at your local retail store for a low cost. Though inexpensive, mixing ingredients for home remedies be messy and time consuming. Some people report satisfactory results from home whitening remedies while others report no noticeable differences.

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